Snuggy Possums

Why my clients love my projects and things I choose for them

I am as an architect. Part of my occupation is to listen to people. Actually, this is greatly important part. During those conversations I could hear what they want their new apartment to be like, what they definitely don’t want, which things are they scared of and so forth. What I have discovered during these discussions is that there are some things which are common for many my customers. Plenty of them wanna have rather modern house, that would look a bit different than flats of all their colleagues. At the same time, they are pretty afraid to go creative. Firstly I was rather annoyed with this and was doing my best to fight against that kind of attitude. Later on, I did find a solution I am offering for such customers. My solution is… wallpapers. They allow to go crazy, but still look elegant. I wanna give you some concrete examples of this.